1) Receive a mentor to help you adjust to campus and focus your interests by guiding you through two special seminars (fall and spring) and the Career Discovery Seminar (winter). 

With your mentor at your side, you will meet professionals and alumni from throughout California during field trips and special events like “career speed dating.”

2) Attend guided exploration with special seminars throughout your first year (required for all participants).

FALL: Positioning Yourself for Success at UC Davis and Beyond (SAS 098) (1 unit, 1 hour/week). Explore how campus resources enhance your academic success and your career path. Begin career explorations with professionals and alumni and get recommendations for guided exploration through general education (GE) courses in our unique Science and Society Program.

WINTER: The Career Discovery Seminar (SAS 5) (3 units, 2 hours lecture and 1 hour of discussion/week). MEETS GE REQUIREMENTS. Experts from the Internship and Career Center and your mentor will teach you how to succeed in the work place and connect to a rewarding career path. Career assessments will help you discover more about yourself and decision making skills. Discussions will focus on careers in your area of interest OR in the Exploratory emphasis help you narrow your interests and career options.

SPRING: Entering the Professional World (SAS 098)(1 unit, 1 hour/week). Your mentor will help you continue exploring careers with professionals and alumni through field trips and face-to-face meetings



1. Receive special guidance that lets your explore potential careers in a specific area of emphasis OR explore an array of career pathways by choosing the Exploratory emphasis

2. Learn to discover strategies for career success with a small group of student colleagues who share your interest

3. Learn from experts in the UC Davis Internship and Career Center