1 – We highly recommend that students start off the minor by taking the introduction course (SAS 130) prior to taking any other CLM courses.

2 – Make sure you make an appointment to see a CLM advisor. An advisor can help you select the courses best suited to your individual academic objectives and career goals. Please fill out the Advising checklist and bring this to your advising session.

3 – Plan ahead! Make note of which quarters the required CLM courses are being offered and remember, not all courses are offered each quarter or each year! Remember, pass 1 is generally restricted to students in the major so plan on taking the CLM upper division courses as early as possible.

4 – Do not try to take all of the required courses in your senior year. Courses might be full, they might be cancelled or shifted to another quarter; or there might be a time conflict between two. If in doubt about when a course will be offered, speak to the office of the department offering the course.

5 – If you would like to petition to take a non-CLM course, please remember that the petition should be approved PRIOR to enrolling in the course. Additionally, student may need to supply a syllabus and/or other materials which clearly demonstrate one of the leadership emphasis areas. Only two approved non-CLM courses can be used as substitutes in place of a CLM minor course(s). This does NOT include the SAS 130 introduction course or the SAS 190X capstone course.

6 – When you have completed all of the CLM requirements, fill out the Minor Program Petition form and have a CLM advisor sign it. Submit the Minor Program Petition form to the College of Agricultural & Environment Dean Office located at 150 Mrak Hall. Minor petitions must be turned in to the Deans office by the 10th day of the quarter in which you plan to graduate.

CLM Advising Office Location:

Science and Society

150 & 152 Hutchison Hall
Tel (530) 754-7277