Approved Core CLM Courses

Contemporary Leadership Core Courses

SAS 130(4) – Introductory course, must be taken prior to any other core leadership course for the minor

SAS 192(2) – Required Internship taken concurrently with course. Internship requires instructor pre-approval prior to first day of class, see Internship Criteria and Form.

SAS 190X(2) – Capstone course, must be taken last


Preparatory Subject Matter

Students are required to complete 4 units from each of the following four categories.  All courses are 4 units unless specified in parentheses. Only one course can overlap with Major course requirements

Ethics and Values                                                                             

ANS 170; ECS 188(3); ENL 107; ESP 164(3); PHI 115; PHI 116; PHI 117; PSC 175

Communication, Interpersonal Relationships &Human Dynamics

ANT 139AN; CMN 134: CMN 135; CMN 136; CRD 172; LIN 163; PSC 151; SOC 126; SOC132; UWP 104A-F         

Organizational Structure and Cultures                                                       

AMS 125; ANT 105; CRD 152; CRD 154; CRD 158; CRD 164; SOC 30A (3); SOC 156; SOC 180A; SOC 180B; SOC 183; WMS 140

Multiculturalism, the Global Community and Social Change

AMS 153; AMS 156; CRD 176; ENL 179; HIS 173; HIS 178A; HIS 178B; NAS 134; POL 124; POL 130; SOC 125; SOC 130; TXC 174

For course descriptions of approved Core CLM Courses, click see CLM Course List (coming soon). If you want to know when a specifc class is being offered please check the specific department website or contact the representative that manages the departments course offerings.

Please Note: Unfortunately class offerings change from year to year so we recommend you check directly with the departments. Student’s are responsible for making sure courses are offered. 

Contemporary Leadership Minor Course List for 2013-2014